How To Become A Minor League Baseball Umpire

Almost every baseball fan dreams of becoming an umpire. While the process to become a minor league umpire is rather simple, umpiring is not the easiest profession to obtain. The relatively low turnover in umpires means that there are only a few opening positions each year.

The first thing you must do to become a minor league umpire is enroll in one of the three umpire schools accredited by Major League Baseball. Since there are not going to be many job openings, you must make a name for yourself while attending the school. Only the top performers at each umpiring school will get a chance to be evaluated by Major League Baseball. Only the top 15-20 of students at the umpire school will get this chance.

If you are able perform well during the evaluation process, then you will most likely receive a job umpiring in the minor leagues. Every new umpire will start at the lowest levels of the minor leagues and will have to work their way up the ladder. If you continue to impress with your umpiring skills, then you get more important umpiring jobs. If you continue to do a good job, then you may actually get a chance to umpire at the major league level.

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