Keep Up with Baseball and Keep Track of the Minors

Super fans come in all shapes and sizes and are usually about as diverse as the sports that they enjoy watching. However, the major leagues don’t last forever so what do you do when baseball and football and all the other sports shows you get through Directv NFL Sunday Ticket or the like take a break for the season? Well, if you are anything like me, you really can’t go a day without some kind of baseball fix and when the majors are taking a break to regroup, I usually turn my attention to the minor league.

Yeah, sure, the minor league isn’t anything crazy to write home about nor is it as sensationalized as the main event, but it does give me something to look at while I wait for the big bears to come out of hibernation. Plus, it’s always nice to keep track of who is really excelling in the minors because you never know when they will finally make that jump into the big leagues and, at least then, you can always say “I knew them when” If you are in desperate need of some baseball during the off-season, then check out your local listings and keep track of the minors.

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