Who Are The Most Popular Minor League Baseball Players?

The minor leagues of professional baseball are an assortment of prodegies and developing players who are still working on their baseball skills, but the most popular often tend to be the “bonus baby” players who were drafted immediately out of high school or had significant success at the college baseball level.

College players are often ready for the major leagues, but still need a stint in the minors to hone their skills a bit more and understand the differences in the professional and collegiate games. Players that come straight out of high school can expect a significant period in the minor leagues while they are maturing as players and people.

Collegiate stars are a safer choice for major league teams because their time in college amounts to a minor league assignment in many ways, plus they all have an educational advantage over many of the non-collegians. The pitchers are often the most popular players because pitching is so central to the game for each team and fans identify with pitchers just by virtue of the spotlight. Power hitters and speedsters with excellent fielding and base-running skills are always fun to watch, which is ultimately the final test for the popularity of a player.

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