What You Need To Know About Minor League Baseball

All across the heartland you can hear the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd at baseball stadiums. I’m not talking about cities like Cincinnati, New York, and St. Louis. These are cities like Clinton, IA, Evansville, IN, and Toledo, OH. Yes, these small towns have professional baseball teams too. They play in much larger stadiums and are filled with players that are striving to fulfill their lifelong dream of playing baseball on the world’s biggest stage. What we’re talking about here is the minor leagues.
There are hundreds of minor league teams all over the country. These teams are filled with prospects who are under contract with a major league team who may not yet be ready for their shot at the big time. Minor league players work their way up through the ranks of minor league baseball from rookie ball to single all the way to triple A. Triple A is the last stop before the players get their shot at the big time.
Minor league parks are a great place to catch a game because it is fun to see young guys try to fulfill their dreams. It is a great event for the family. It is also usually much cheaper to attend than going to a big league game.

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