All About Minor League Pitching and Pitchers

Professional baseball is unique in professional sports in that they actually maintain a tri-level minor league system. The National Basketball Association has a developmental league, but not as extensive as minor league baseball. Much of the success in baseball is built on playing everday and maintaining the hand-eye coordination skills that are necessary to play the game. Pitching, however, is actually the focus in the minors because so many professional teams enjoy success based on the success of their particular pitching staff. Pitching is an intricate art form and pitchers often rely on the ability to keep hitters off balance and actually hitting the focus spots on the corners of the plate. Often major league pitchers that are experiencing difficulty at the major league level will be sent down to the minors to “get some work,” which is code for letting them pitch on a regular basis while struggling without hurting the parent team. In addition,, major league pitchers who have been on the disabled list will often be sent to the minors for a “rehab” assignment to get their pitching mechanics back. It helps the young players’ confidence to actually play with some major leaguers and realize that they are close to their personal goals.

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